Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Krungdhep Sophon Public Company Ltd. and its subsidiaries are committed to conduct our business growth on the basis of corporate governance, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We hold responsibility for corporate actions to encourage a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including employees, clients, investors, business partners, local communities and others for their long-term benefits.
Our goal is to maintain positive relationship among industrial sectors and local communities and upgraded the progress simultaneously. In order to move forward and meet company objectives based on our Vision and Mission Statement to support social responsibility and environmental awareness, the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy was established as follows:
1) To conduct business with honesty, transparency, fairness and accountability. The company is focusing on the growth of the group, together with the quality of life of employees, local communities and the quality of society. All dimensions of the environment, including the interests of stakeholders.
2) To operate the business with a focus on corporate governance under professional ethics awareness and verifiable, especially the process involved or vulnerable to fraud within the company. This includes all types of corruptions whether direct or indirect.
3) Giving the importance to the respect of human rights, by not taking advantage of employees, customers, business partners as well as individuals in the society and treat that individual reasonable, equal and fair.
4) Operated by having employees of the company and its subsidiaries perform their duty in compliance with company’s regulations as mentioned above. In addition, the company also pays attention on the importance of Training and Development including future career success of their employees.
5) Operated by paying special attention on reasonable price offering of Standard Services for better living conditions of employees, consumers and society. These services are Advance Information Technology, Health and Safety which will be beneficial to employees, consumers, society and environment.
6) Operated by supporting the development and environmental protection and conservation, energy efficiency, water, fuel, plastics and paper effectively.
7) Operated by a focus on local community development. The company needs a strong community support in order to run business smoothly. Community participation is something that must be practiced regularly in parallel with a sustainable business practices. The company and its subsidiaries sponsor events and activities including the support of educational programs for schools and Institutions and focus on supporting the development of youth in the community. This also includes the relief to victims of natural disasters and other disasters.
8) Conducting the business by focusing on Innovation to social development and environmental sustainability which includes Marketing Policy, Investment, Product Offering and Services to Corporate Social Responsibility as well as providing extra services to our customers' needs appropriately.